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In the last decade, Americans have faced the cold reality that the rate of early-onset diabetes, childhood obesity, and the cost of health-care related to the obesity epidemic is steadily on the rise. Today, 8% of Americans suffer from diabetes and that rate continues to climb. Public interest groups, school systems, and the government have all stepped in to declare the ever present convenience of junk food as a leading cause contributing to these health problems. Many businesses and schools have started healthy initiatives to increase wellness and benefit the community as a whole, by providing access to fresh, healthy foods. The growing demand for convenient access to health foods has led to an explosion in the health food market, including vending machines that offer fresh natural and organic snacks.

Fresh Healthy Vending is one of the top food vending businesses offering opportunities to entrepreneurs and self-starters looking to cash in on the demand for healthy food choices in the American workplace. Franchise opportunities are available through Fresh Healthy Vending that will supplement income and contribute to the ever-growing demand for natural and organic snack foods. Fresh Health Vending Machines boast the very best in natural and organic vending foods including top-selling drinks, juices, smoothies, yogurts, fresh fruits and vegetables, chips, and bars. With over 500 natural and organic products, 200 top-selling brands, and experience based on 130 diverse urban markets across the country, Fresh Vending is a safe and smart franchise opportunity in an unstable economy.

Fresh Vending Machines offering natural, organic snack foods and beverages is an explosive business that is virtually immune to economic downturns. The ups and downs of an unstable economy can have a dramatic impact on businesses. But with ever growing health concerns and a movement toward regaining control over the American diet, health foods, especially convenience health foods, are not affected like other commodities. With an unsurpassed product and demand, starting a Fresh Healthy Vending Machine franchise is a smart investment in today’s market. The demand is based largely on the busy schedule that many Americans keep, and the need for convenience.

When time is limited, convenience foods are the first thing many people turn to, to fight hunger. Convenience has its place in gaining a certain amount of market volume. People need fast convenient foods to eat, and unfortunately, many of the foods for these foods are readily available are packed with oils, fats, and refined sugars that hurt the waistline, and negatively impact overall health. Fresh Healthy Vending aims to change the perception of health foods by offering the highest quality natural and organic fresh healthy vending recipes and products. Their partners are dedicated to offering choices that will keep children and adults safe from diabetes. Rapid growth and profit sharing in addition to healthy initiatives adopted by school systems and corporate wellness programs means ever-growing business opportunities in communities across the country. Fresh Healthy Vending locations are growing daily and there are an ever growing number of entrepreneurs coming aboard for and locations nationwide. With specialized  menus that can be modified to meet the nutrition requirements of the schools and workplaces offering Fresh Vending Machines, Fresh Healthy Vending franchises are important, at a time when legislation is requiring Americans to take steps to reduce the cost of health care. Reining in the obesity epidemic and re-gaining control of diet-related health is the first step to reducing health care costs.